Describe someone’s appearance

Don’t judge a book by its cover


Use be, such as ‘I am 27 years old’, ‘I am an Adult’

Category Vocabulary Chinese Remark
Young 年轻的
Child 小孩 under 13
Teenager 青少年 between 13 - 19
Adult 成年 over 19
Middle-Age 中年 between 40 - 60
Elderly 老年 over 60
Thin 瘦的
Skinny 极瘦的 negative word
Slim 苗条的 positive word
Heavy 重的
Average weight 标准重量
Chubby 胖乎乎
In good shape 身体状况良好
Out of shape 身材走样/身体不健康
Tall 高的
Short 矮的
Neat 整洁的
Good-looking 好看的
Pretty 漂亮的 the same as ‘Beautiful’, ‘Gorgeous (漂亮+)’. mostly describe woman
Handsome 英俊的 mostly describe man
Nearsighted 近视的
Farsighted 远视的
Celebrity 名人
Celebrity double 名人替身

Use have/has, such as ‘I have dark brown eyes’, ‘She has long hair’

Category Vocabulary Chinese Remark
Eye Color
Dark brown 深褐色
Blue 蓝色
Green 绿色
Hair Style
Long 长的
Short 短的
Straight 直的
Curly 卷的
Wavy 大波浪
Spiky 尖的、竖起来的
Hair Color
Light/Dark brown 浅/深棕色
Blond 金色的
Gray 花白/奶奶灰
Facial hair
Beard 胡须 下方
mustache 八字胡 上方
Sideburn 络腮胡
Freckles 雀斑
Dimple 酒窝
Tick eyebrows 浓眉
Tattoo 纹身
Wrinkles 皱纹
Mole 痣/胎记
Fair skin 皮肤白皙


1. What does he look like?

2. He is about 30 / in his 30s.

3. I have / He has short black hair.

4. He doesn’t have big eyes.